Official Trailer for THE RACE, starring Phil S. Baran and Jin-Quan Yu

/// This is the first trailer for the IKA production THE RACE, starring Phil S. Baran and Jin-Quan Yu. Watch it now!

Official Trailer for THE RACE, starring Phil S. Baran and Jin-Quan Yu

This is the first trailer for the IKA production THE RACE, starring Phil S. Baran and Jin-Quan Yu. Watch it now!

Phil S. Baran is an organic chemist recreating pharmacologically interesting compound isolated from natural sources de novo in the laboratory through an experimental methodology known as "total synthesis." Baran's research is not only enhancing our ability to make fundamental structures for a broad range of medicines and materials, but is also strengthening the intellectual foundations of organic chemistry. He was a postdoctoral associate (2001-2003) at Nobel Laureate E.J. Corey's laboratory at Harvard University before joining the faculty of Scripps Research Institute, where he is the Darlene Shiley Professor of Chemistry (source:

Jin-Quan Yu is a synthetic chemist pioneering new techniques for the functionalization of carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bonds. Yu's unconventional approach to C-H functionalization is creating a paradigm shift in the logic of organic synthetic chemistry and breaking down barriers to the development of versatile compounds with enormous benefits to academic, industrial and pharmaceutical research. He was research fellow (1998-2002) and junior faculty member (2003-2004) at the University of Cambridge, postdoctoral fellow (2001 - 2002) at Harvard University and assistant professor chemistry (2004 - 2007) at Brandeis University prior to his current affiliation with Scripps Research Institute, where he is the Frank and Bertha Hupp Professor of Chemistry (source:

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