New thermoshakers for smallest volumes

/// Newly Launched MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus receives the German Design Award

Staufen, 10 November 2020 - Two new thermoshakers complete the IKA MATRIX product portfolio: The MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus and MATRIX Delta Plus. These compact devices, both with an added cooling function feature, improve optimal mixing of small and very small volumes. With its ingenious product design, the MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus has been awarded the 2021 German Design Award.

Thermoshakers with cooling function
As of October 2020, there are two new thermoshakers in the IKA MATRIX range. The MATRIX Delta Plus cools samples to -30°C and heats them up to 110°C. The MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus can do it all: mixing, heating and cooling. Simultaneous mixing and temperature control provides a better mix result and shorter reaction times. Up to 3,000 rpm and 3 mm shaking stroke contribute to controlled, rapid and even mixing of the most challenging samples.

Both devices can carry out reproducible and perfect processing volumes at the milliliter scale. Attachments are detected automatically.

Outstanding design for simple handling
IKA has been awarded the prestigious Design Prize - the German Design Award 2021 - for the MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus. Thanks to the diecast housing, the MATRIX thermoshaker sits on a sturdy mount, even on a small setup area. Its clear shape, smooth surface and inventive layout makes the MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus easy to handle, even when changing its wide variety of attachements. The special attachment fixing system improves temperature transfer and the outer plastic casing ensures the users don’t burn their fingers. 

Accessories for all Life Science applications

The new thermoshakers are part of the user-friendly IKA product portfolio in the Life Sciences category. They feature the familiar and easy-to-use IKA menu guidance system. In combination with incubation shakers, centrifuges, pipettes and the Dry Block Heater, they facilitate an optimum workflow in the field of Sample Handling, Liquid Handling and Cell Handling. A wide range of accessories are available. All of the equipment in the IKA MATRIX range can be combined with the most varied of micro-titration plates, deep well plates, Eppendorf reaction vessels, PCR strips, Greiner tubes, micro-plates and cuvettes. The IKA ThermoCover prevents the formation of condensation on the vessel cover, meaning that the sample concentration remains constant. A temperature sensor in the attachment ensures accuracy and homogeneity of the temperature, which, by the way, can also be read off on the display.

Life Science applications

A wide variety of different Life Science applications can be carried out using just a single thermoshaker:
• Growth of bacteria and yeasts
• Enzyme reactions
• Transformation of bacterial strains and plasmids
• Denaturing of DNA, RNA and proteins
• Lysis reactions at 100°C
• Labeling of nucleic acids and proteins
• Proteinase K digestion of cells and tissue
• Resuspending of pellets
• Mixing of protein quantification assays
• ELISA assays

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