New magnetic stirrers from IKA: RH basic and RH digital

/// Maximum efficiency and economy combined with highly accurate temperature control

In October, IKA will introduce two new heated magnetic stirrers – just the latest in a long line of innovative product offerings.

With the RH basic and digital, particular attention has been paid to design and safety by incorporating a grip recess which enables the magnetic stirrer to be carried without the risk of burns.

In addition to the design and safety features, these magnetic stirrers also have a stainless steel combination heating plate. The 600 Watt heat output keeps heating times short. Also, optional heating plates with a white coating are available, which possess a high chemical resistance and are easy to clean. An adjustable safety system allows the maximum heating plate temperature to be limited to the requirements of the application.

These stirrers are also characterized by a strong magnetic field and wide speed ranges, which enable volumes up to 15 liters to be mixed even more thoroughly. In addition, these units have a gentle start-up to prevent splashes as the speed increases.

Both magnetic stirrers have a DIN 12878 compliant socket for connection of an electronic contact thermometer, enabling highly accurate temperature control in the medium in combination with an ETS-D5 or ETS-D6 temperature sensor.

In addition to having all the features of the RH basic, the digital version also has a digital speed and temperature display. In order to prevent burns, this display shows that the hot plate is still hot even when switched off.

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