New from IKA: Rocker, Orbital and Roller Shakers

/// Rocker and roller models added to the IKA shaker range

IKA adds rocker and roller shakers to its product range in this core area of expertise. Both units are available in “basic” and “digital” versions as well as  for 2D and 3D shaking. A membrane keyboard makes the units easy to operate. The new shakers come with an anti-slip rubber mat.

The “Rocker 2 D digital” is a rocker shaker with adjustable speed for gentle mixing. The timer shows the shaking time. The shaking speed remains constant even in the case of fluctuations in the load or tension. An adjustable tilt angle ensures optimum adaptation to the test conditions in question. The shaker can also be used in incubators at temperatures between 4 and 50 degrees Celsius.

The “Rocker 3D basic” has a 3D orbital shaking motion and faster speed. The adjustable tilt angle is securely positioned to ensure reproducible test results.

The “Roller RL 6 basic” and “Roller 10 basic” are roller shakers with six and ten rollers respectively, which ensure optimum mixing of the sample tube contents by means of a gentle rocking and rolling motion. The rollers are easily removable to quickly clean the unit once the samples have been processed. The rollers are removable so that larger sample tubes can also be used. The rollers are robust and suitable for continuous operation. A particular feature is the side wall, which prevents samples from slipping down – from a safety perspective, this is a bonus.

The speed of the digital models is infinitely adjustable via a membrane keyboard. The units also have a timer and counting function. Both speed and time are shown on a digital display.

IKA has been manufacturing shakers since 1925 – back, when they were still manually operated.
The new shakers are used for gentle mixing in flasks, culture bottles, petri dishes, sample tubes and test tubes, particularly in bio and the medical field. Typical uses include mixing blood samples, growing cell cultures, DNA extraction, dividing cells and adding dye to and removing it from gels.

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