Measuring viscosity with ROTAVISC

/// New product group among the IKA laboratory instruments

Staufen, 17/09/2018 - After it's been produced, stirred and shaken, the viscosity of a sample can now be measured with the new ROTAVISC series from IKA. This parameter indicates the fluidity of a substance and is important for quality control in all manufacturing processes and even early on in the application in the research laboratory. ROTAVISC is the most functional viscometer in its class.

Four new models for different viscosity ranges are part of the new product series. They deliver extremely precise measurements under different conditions, so that chemical substances, cosmetic products, paints or foodstuffs actually achieve the desired consistency and reliably maintain them, even at different temperatures.

The new ROTAVISC series viscometers are characterized by their infinite viscosity measurement ability. At the same time they are very easy to handle. In addition, device control and the documentation of the measurement process are possible using special software. ROTAVISC offers users the popular IKA laboratory equipment structure and can be tested in the IKA Application Center.

The viscometer of the new IKA ROTAVISC series
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