Livestream: Keynote Phil Baran August 22nd, 2017

/// Live from Washington, D.C.

During the 254th American Chemical Society Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C., Phil Baran, Darlene Shiley Professor at the Scripps Research Institute, will exclusively present new research findings and unveil a new product. If you cannot join us in person, don’t worry.

IKA will be livestreaming the Keynote (English) on August 22nd, 2017 at 10:30 am (EDT)/16:30 (CET). You can watch the event on

10.30 am (EDT):
Bibiana Campos-Seijos, Editor-in-Chief and VP of C&EN Media Group will serve as Mistress of Ceremony. Bibiana will open the event.

Followed by:
Pascal Stiegelmann, son of René Stiegelmann and part owner of IKA, will welcome you on behalf of IKA.

10.45 am (EDT):
Phil Baran will share unpublished research findings and unveil a new generation of laboratory equipment.

Further information or to register for the event in D.C., please visit:
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