IKA to present three world firsts at ACHEMA

/// Innovative system solutions for more efficiency in laboratory and analytical technology

With three major world firsts and a total of 60 new products, IKA, the world market leader in the field of laboratory, analytical and process technology, is proudly presenting itself at this year's ACHEMA in Frankfurt.

IKA is continuing its successful path since ACHEMA six years ago. During this time, scientists, engineers and technicians have developed innovative devices that greatly simplify measuring, stirring, kneading, dispersing and cleaning in various ways. The result is time saving and thus significantly more efficiency in the laboratory.

1. World first: IKA Starvisc, the only device that can do everything at the same time
IKA Starvisc 200-2.5 control, the new torque measuring stirrer / instrument, is a globally unique system: it simultanously measures and displays viscosity during product development. The result can be immediately read on the display. Starvisc therefore has a broad range of applications in research: even during research phase it clearly indicates whether the stirred substance can be used as desired. The device is characterized by high-precision measurement, a user-friendly menu for viscosity calculation, a removable control and a powerful and very intense agitator.

2. World first: IKA MultiDrive basic and control - the all-rounder in coarse and fine crushing
IKA also presents its globally unique MultiDrive crusher for the first time. Thanks to the large number of vessels, the device handles a wide variety of crushing tasks, for hard, soft or fibrous samples. The MultiDrive basic mixes and grinds. With a guaranteed output of 1,000 watts, it ensures excellent crushing performance. The interval mode is a definite advantage for pre-grinding hard samples or for extra-thorough blending. In addition, the device has an integrated cooling connection. This allows the sample material to be cooled without coming into contact with the coolant. The MultiDrive control mixes, grinds and disperses, and is also fitted with a disposable tube. Its clear TFT display ensures user-friendly operation.
MultiDrive control offers temperature measurement and vessel detection via RFID. A temperature limit for temperature-sensitive materials or for certain planned reactions can be configured to protect against overheating. The weighing function is integrated into IKA MultiDrive control's easy-to-use workflow. Weighing is performed before crushing using the same mixing cup, so that no transfer of contents is required.

3. World first: IKA T 25 easy clean digital and control - a new dispersing experience
The IKA T 25 easy clean high-performance disperser is globally without equal, as well. For the first time, it is possible to disperse more quiet and cleaner. Even remote-controlled operation is possible in the proven way. The digital and control versions of the device offer an impressive electronic speed control of 3,000 - 25,000 rpm, a working volume of 1 - 2,000 ml (water), a very long service life both for the drive and tools, as well as a large selection of dispersing tools. Hence, medical samples are perfectly homogenised, cosmetics emulsified and paints suspended. Dispersion under vacuum or pressure is also possible in conjunction with an IKA laboratory reactor.
IKA is working with a new motor technology for the T 25 easy clean series. At just 70 dB, the brushless DC motor significantly reduces noise inside the lab. It also allows operation without carbon dust. The tool can be easily cleaned without dismantling, because the rotor can be extended in one simple step. IKA has also developed a particularly robust housing for the new dispersers. The easy-to-read display convinces with its timer function. Another highlight is the patented, integrated temperature measurement available with the T 25 easy clean control version. The temperature sensor is integrated into the tool and thus enables permanent monitoring of the medium's temperature.

Further IKA product news
In addition to its world firsts, IKA also presents the new ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive power control disperser with an even stronger motor. It promises to deliver the best stirring, dispersing, grinding and homogenization results and is particularly suitable for the safe processing of infectious, toxic or odor-intensive samples. The hermetically-sealed disposable system minimizes contact with the sample material and speeds up sample preparation. Cross-contamination is thus impossible. The new ROTAVISC series determines the viscosity of liquids in all applications, from the laboratory to quality control. The four devices measure in different viscosity ranges.
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