IKA is expanding its range of temperature control instruments to include the compact immersion circulators ICC and the highly efficient recirculating chillers RC2

/// When developing the series, the team has placed a particular emphasis on safety and temperature consistency

One area in particular is achieving outstanding results: By using the IKA devices, users can save more than half the amount of energy compared to other models.

ICC basic and ICC control:
The ICC basic and ICC control immersion circulators are an inexpensive entry-level solution for tempering in water and oil baths at a medium temperature of up to 150 degrees Celsius. Particular emphasis was placed on safe and convenient handling: The integrated top handle allows the device to be carried and easily placed in different bath configurations. Two pre-installed brackets prevent the circulator from tipping over and also protect the tubular heater from being damaged.

The pump is the proven PEEK suction and pressure pump from the IKA HBC and IC series introduced last year. Integrated in the ICC models, it generates a maximum pressure of 0.3 bar and a maximum flow rate of 18 liters per minute. The pump connector set is available as accessory and makes the ICC versatile in operating in external open and closed baths. It is also possible to integrate a cooling coil. 2000 Watts of heating power are transferred to the thermal fluid over a tubular heater area of 16,000 square millimetres. The large heat exchange surface enables energy to be transferred rapidly when there are comparatively low temperature differences between the tubular heater and thermal fluid. This process preserves fluids containing oil and extends their service life.

The temperature consistency of up to 0.01K in the ICC control, and its intelligent PID controller, enable it to be used in temperature-critical applications.

When it comes to safety, the ICC rates just as highly as the IC and HBC models: It features an independent safety temperature sensor, critical minimum and maximum fill level detection and individually adjustable operating thresholds. The ICC basic and ICC control feature one RS232 port and one USB port. The ICC control also has an external temperature sensor connector. The control version displays all the key process parameters. Similar to the IC/HBC control, there are program functions available for up to ten individual temperature ramps, each with ten increments.

RC2 basic and RC2 control:
The RC2 basic and RC2 control recirculating chillers from IKA are the first temperature control instruments for temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. With its cooling power of 400 Watts (at 20 degrees), the RC2 is used with rotary evaporators (for extraction and distillation), bomb calorimeters as well as small IKA laboratory reactors.

The device's energy efficiency was a key focus in the development process. In comparative tests of evaporation and total condensation, it used up to 60 percent less energy than devices from other manufacturers. This is achieved by the speed-controlled compressor, which is unique among this type of equipment. When combined with an electronically controlled expansion valve, it responds dynamically to the power requirements. Heat is dissipated by the condenser unit, which consists of a microchannel heat exchanger and a speed-controlled fan. The fan saves energy and maintains a low level of noise. This technology enables excellent temperature stability of up to 0.05K.

A PEEK suction and pressure pump is also installed in the RC2. It generates a maximum pressure of 0.3 bar and a maximum flow rate of 15 liters per minute. When combined with a fluid level controller, external baths can be tempered or cooled directly. The external temperature sensor connected to the recirculating chiller controls the temperature of the bath.

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