IKA honored at the German Design Awards 2018

/// Three products from the laboratory equipment manufacturer IKA were honored with awards

The German Design Award writes:

“The C-MAG HS 7 control is a powerful magnetic stirrer with a square ceramic set-up plate for extreme applications in the laboratory. It thus enables outstanding observation of color changes in the medium. The design philosophy is carried forward in the glass surfaces of the upper part of the housing (easy cleaning). The display is located between the ergonomically designed buttons in such a way as to allow clear categorization of the values displayed. The design concept is characterized by geometric forms and, due to the elongation of the device, impresses with pleasingly flat proportions.

“The RCT digital is a latest-generation magnetic stirrer for demanding laboratory tasks. Thanks to its specially developed compound heating plate it is able to rapidly transfer heat to the medium without loss. The result of this is a high heating rate. The RCT is characterized by clean lines and uncluttered, matter-of-fact design. The color scheme of the elements on the top of the device, such as the elegant glass surface, create a very homogeneous appearance. In addition, the flat body communicates outstanding visual stability.

The MINISTAR 80 control is a compact stirrer. It is suitable for complex lab set-ups due to its small dimensions. Safe handling is ensured by the combination of the display and the vibration sensor and adaptive stirrer protection. The conscious minimalism of its design and the asymmetrical form lend the device its particular character. The dark frame with the recessed glass front and lightly molded side elements lend the unit its powerful and qualitatively outstanding unity.”

The German Design Award honors innovative products and projects that represent pioneering contributions to German and international design. The distinction ‘Special Mention’ is awarded to products with design that shows particularly outstanding features or solutions and is an accolade that honors the particular engagement of enterprises and designers.

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