Growing Microalgae made easy

/// IKA launches photo bioreactor Algaemaster 10 control

IKA is extending its versatile product portfolio with a new product line. The fully autonomous photo bioreactor IKA Algaemaster 10 control is the perfect equipment for scientists to find and recreate the ideal environmental conditions for growing phototrophic organisms such as microalgae.
The device is a closed photo bioreactor system, which is particularly interesting if a high microbial purity level has to be reached and contamination risks have to be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, the Algaemaster 10 control is especially interesting for scientific purposes such as drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry or translational science.
The fully jacketed 10 l system is ocean-water resistant; its lid and vessel are completely autoclavable, ensuring sterility. To minimize unintended reactions from metal or plastic parts that might release stray molecules into the water samples, the machine uses entirely ‘inert’ materials like borosilicate glass, PTFE and Ultem® thermoplastic. Lighting, temperature, stirring, pH and dosing of liquid or gas are individually controlled via several interfaces.
IKA developed and tested the system in a long-term cooperation with the Algal Resources Collection (ARC) at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW). ARC presents the opportunity for commercial, industrial, and academic research to explore the use of living marine microalgae for a variety of applications such as nutraceutical, pharmaceutical or biomass studies.
The scientists proved that the IKA Algaemaster 10 control enables researchers to grow algae in larger quantities, under better controlled conditions and faster than previously allowed methods.

We present two videos to introduce the product to you - a product video followed by a keynote by Professor Emeritus Carmelo Tomas from UNCW:

Watch the keynote by Professor Emeritus Carmelo Tomas from UNCW:

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