Design Excellence: The New LR 1000 Laboratory Reactor – Winner of the Red Dot Award 2013

/// The IKA LR 1000 system is a cost efficient modular, laboratory reactor designed for optimizing chemical reactions that require mixing, dispersing, heating and cooling and may also require processes to be performed under vacuum at the laboratory scale

This easy to use system can be adapted for a wide range of applications depending on the choice of accessories selected. The LR 1000 system, which comes in both a basic and control version, is a versatile instrument that is optimized for the unique application requirements that define the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industry. Both basic and control versions of the reactor system come equipped with a 1 liter reactor vessel, heater and stirrer, as well as a temperature sensor to enable accurate temperature adjustment of the medium. Furthermore, additional functions such as applying vacuum pressure, as well as cooling and dispersing of the medium are easy to add by employing the appropriate accessories. All processes can be controlled and documented via a USB interface using the labworldsoft® software package.

In addition, a thermostat is no longer required when operating the reactor since the heater is now incorporated into the unit under the reactor vessel. This features eliminates the need to handle oil in a thermostat or connect and disconnect hoses to and from the vessel. Also, the connections for a cooler are on the back of the unit and enable rapid cooling of the product in the reactor vessel.

With the LR 1000 as with all IKA systems, operational safety is paramount. This is evident with the inclusion of an adjustable safety circuit to limit the maximum permissible temperature and a safety cut-out when the vessel or lid are removed.

Upon completion of an application, the reactor vessel is easy to clean and can be quickly detached if necessary.

The LR 1000 system can be used to control the stirring, heating and tempering of the medium via the PT 100 temperature sensor that is supplied with the system. The speed and temperature are shown on a clear digital display.

Both basic and control versions are conceptually similar, although the control version comes equipped with several additional features. For instance, the control version possesses a large TFT display for better image quality and easy menu navigation. In addition, the control version features an integrated weighing function, the ability to control and document rheological changes and other parameters such as torgue measurement via a USB interface using labworldsoft® software and the ability to connect a pH electrode
In 2013, the LR 1000 control laboratory reactor received the red dot design award – product design 2013.
This award winning reactor not only demonstrates outstanding design quality, but also highlights the fact that design is always an integral part of innovative product development at IKA.

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