Celebrating our citizens of the world

/// At the end of July, IKA Wilmington was host to 36 children of our German and Chinese employees

At the end of July, IKA Wilmington was host to 36 children of our German and Chinese employees.

As part of our Kidscamp program, employee children came to the United States for two weeks, immersing in the American culture by learning about each other’s cultures, participating in activities such as flag football, watching movies under the stars, swimming in the pool, archery, crafts, white water rafting or ziplining in the North Carolina mountains, bowling and of course, shopping.

Of course, a day was spent at IKA with the children building their own fidget spinner and making hand lotion using IKA dispersers and hotplate stirrers.

The highlight was the celebration of the internationality of our employees, their families and visitors, employees brought specialties from their home countries: Germany, El Salvador, China, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Canada, Cuba and of course the United States.

The Kids Camp ended with lots of hugs and exchanges of emails and social media contacts; it brought together three very different cultures. The children lived together, worked together, ate together and played together. But most of all, they learned that friendship can bring anyone together no matter what language they speak.

Be part of our celebration and see for yourself.

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