A new pipette for every hand

/// IKA launches the PETTE fix and vario for all applications

Staufen, Feb. 20, 2019 - The new pipettes in the PETTE series from IKA were announced at the last ACHEMA and are now available. A total of 18 models combine all the most popular features of the laboratory classic. Their large displays, durable construction and ergonomic handles make the PETTE fix and vario ideal for frequent pipetting.
IKA PETTE unites everything lab technicians can expect for reliable metering in a single instrument. All models are fully autoclavable and can be easily sterilized. This ensures accuracy, precision and safety when metering. The large mechanical volume display is also easy to read as you perform the metering. The lightweight pipettes are particularly pleasant to hold thanks to three interchangeable ergonomic grips. The geometry of the receptacle is designed so that it is suitable for all commercially-available tips.
IKA PETTE fix and vario are also shock-resistant, UV and chemical resistant. Calibration and maintenance is user-friendly and can be done yourself or with the help of IKA Service.
Laboratory staff are invited to order the pipettes for testing from the IKA Application Center.
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