2nd IKA Asia Pacific Dealer Conference 2011

/// 2nd IKA Asia Pacific Dealer Conference 2011 Held in Bangkok, 5 July 2011

Come together in Bangkok
--- 2nd IKA Asia Pacific Dealer Conference 2011 
5 Jul. 2011, Bangkok, 2nd IKA Asia Pacific Dealer conference was held in the Emerald Hotel. More than 50 delegates of 30 Dealers arriving from different countries/regions of Asia Pacific participated in the conference.
It’s been 3 years since the 1st IKA Asia Pacific Dealer Conference 2008(Guangzhou) took place till now. IKA managed to recover quickly from the turmoil of the global economic crisis in the last 3 years. But what are the changes of the current Asia market? What will be the developing trend under the new market structure and how to catch more opportunities in our mutual business? All these questions were topics of this conference and could be discussed and clarified entering into a mutually agreed growth strategy.
The Managing Director of IKA Works Guangzhou and Managing Director Sales (lab/ana) for Asia Pacific kicked off the conference together by delivering their sincere welcoming speech to every participants of the conference.
Mr. Andreas Reichert starts the new position of IKA Asia Pacific Managing Director Sales (lab/ana) this year and reviewed and evaluated the sales status, market trends and potential opportunities and challenges of the Asia Pacific regions, then came up with new sales /market strategies. Mr. Andreas Reichert introduced details of two new function departments - Product Management Department and Project Management Department; he pins great hopes on these two departments.
A “Focus on Quality” report was given to all the participants by IKA Managing Director Mr. Klaus Jacuk. He pointed out how IKA product achieves global quality assurance: the quality of IKA product does not rely on any single department, the consistent high product quality is a result of close cooperation of relevant functional departments’ ranges from Management to R&D, Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Production etc.
IKA Marketing Director Ms. Belinda Lee made a market report for 2010 and announced the marketing campaign for 2011 on the conference. 2010 was IKA’s 100 Year Anniversary, plenty of marketing activities were carried out in 2010 and IKA’s brand image has been strengthen and improved over China as well as Asia market.
Calorimeters are amongst the leading products of IKA. IKA Works Guangzhou will be fully responsible for lunching sales and after-sales service for Calorimeter products in the Asia Pacific region from 2011. IKA Sales Director of Analyzing Equipment Michael Liu made a comprehensive report on this issue at the conference.
 In order to show gratitude towards every dealer’s continuous effort over the past years, IKA established and delivered 7 awards on the conference: Royal Business Partner Award, Fast Growing Award, BestTechnicalService Award, Most Active Marketing Award and Awards for The Top 3 Sales performers.
Free communications and Individual Meeting have provided a good platform for all participants to exchange their thoughts and suggestions.
The conference finally ended with a lively, relaxed and harmonious dinner party.  


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