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12 APR 2021 / 02:30–04:00 PM (GMT)

3D Printing in Continuous Flow Chemical Synthesis: The Design of the IKA FLOW

Dr. Stephen Hilton, UCL School of Pharmacy
Focus products:
IKA FLOW System, Flow Chemistry
In this presentation, we will describe the rapid development and launch of a new low-cost continuous flow system – the IKA Flow for chemical synthesis that was conceived and developed using 3D Printing. In 2019, we first reported the development of a low-cost, modular continuous flow reactor system for chemical synthesis that was designed and manufactured using 3D Printing.1,2 The system is powered by compressed air or inert gas and was designed to fit onto stirrer hotplates that are found throughout chemistry laboratories to make flow chemistry more accessible. As well as continuous flow chemistry, its modular nature enables it to be used for flow electrochemistry and flow photochemistry, making it widely applicable across the chemical industry, covering an array of chemical reactions applicable in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. Following our early reports, the system has been further developed and optimized in partnership with IKA and true to its origins, incorporates 3D Printing in the manufacture of its parts. The IKA Flow has been designed to be affordable, straightforward and simple to use, providing an easy pathway to continuous flow for those looking to transition from batch chemical synthesis. At the same time, its small footprint and close link to stirrer hotplates means that it doesn’t take up valuable fume hood space in laboratories. Its rapid development, applicability in all chemistry laboratories and ease of use in continuous flow will be described at the launch.

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