Industrial mechanic (m / f / diverse)

You like to turn the big wheel. At home you have already dismantled everything from the alarm clock to the hairdryer, you are interested in the technical structure of equipment. You should therefore undergo training as an industrial mechanic (m / f / diverse) at IKA.
What you will learn with us.
In your 3.5 year training period you will be deployed to all training-related technical departments at IKA.
  • Our Apprentice workshop provides you with all the basic manufacturing techniques for mechanical machining, such as measuring, filing, drilling, turning, and milling. You will learn everything about control technology, pneumatics, and PLC, and you will produce CAD drawings.
  • In the Test and special workshop, you will be involved with special solutions and one-off manufacturing, you will create sample designs from model foam, collaborate on development projects, and program and operate CNC machines.
  • Assembly will acquaint you with sub-assemblies and small devices in laboratory and analysis technology. However, you will also learn how to assemble machines and complete installations in process technology.
  • In Fixture construction, you will produce auxiliary equipment and fixtures, such as assembly jigs, which are important for the manufacturing of equipment. In addition, we will also show you how to create, maintain and service entire automation lines using robots and control technology.
  • You will support our Quality testing, when the team tests components using 2D and 3D measuring instruments, processes complaints and creates documentation with the help of the CAQ system.
  • In Service, you will learn all about fault-finding, repairs and maintenance of laboratory equipment. You will help the team to build special equipment according to customer requirements, based on sketches and technical stipulations.
What we offer you.
  • Extensive variety: You will learn your vocation from a Global Player. Your training is extremely diverse and is of particularly high quality thanks to individual training opportunities.
  • Reliable support: We provide you with fixed study supervisors, who are always at your side, particularly at the stressful times of projects and the Bachelor Thesis.
  • Good money: The training remuneration increases year-on-year from the 1st to the 4th year of training. Together with travel cost reimbursement, holiday pay and Christmas pay, and a share of the profits that we thank our team for virtually every year.
  • Travel opportunities: We provide each of our trainees and dual students with three to six weeks of internship at one of our international facilities.
  • Fantastic prospects: If you like it with us, then just stay. Our teams value a younger generation coming from their own ranks. We accept virtually all trainees as employees.
  • Lots of freedom: Flexible working hours (flexitime) and 30 days’ vacation make sure that there’s plenty of time for life in between all the work.
This is how you make us enthusiastic for you.
  • Personality: You are open to all new ideas, you prefer to work in an international team rather than alone in your room, or you may even come from a different culture, you are hungry for knowledge, you can be enthusiastic and look forward to making contacts.
  • Good school-leaving certificate: You will have a good school-leaving certificate, High School Diploma or a leaving certificate from the vocational school for metal.
  • Enjoy physical work: Handling hand-tools and machine tools is second nature to you. You solve your tasks with manual dexterity and a keen sense of precision.
  • Enjoy thinking: You approach things in a scheduled and structured way. Your good spatial imaging capability means that even tricky tasks do not phase you.
IKA develops innovative product solutions that help scientists all over the world to become even better. Join us and start your training to become an Industrial mechanic (m / f / diverse).

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