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We will gladly answer your questions. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions.

Should you not find an answer to your individual question, please contact us directly. Your main point of contact for the apprenticeship/co-op is Mrs. Jutta Klepp.

What is so special about an apprenticeship/co-op at IKA?
At IKA, you will experience two businesses in one: the Laboratory and Analytical Technology Division and the Process Technology Division. Thus, you will be exposed to the distinctive facets of all departments.

In what professions can I apply for an apprenticeship?
Every year, we train people as Industrial Clerks, Industrial Mechanics, and Electronics Technicians for Equipment and Systems, Electronics Technicians for Industrial Engineering or Warehouse Logistics Specialists. In addition, you can also graduate with bachelor degrees majoring in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, or Business Administration (International Business or Human Resources).

What Cooperative Universities does IKA partner with?
Majors in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Business Administration are conducted in partnership with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Lörrach. The major in Information Technology is offered in conjunction with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Karlsruhe.

Are tuition costs covered by IKA?
IKA will pay you a training allowance, if you attend your studies at one of the two Cooperative State Universities of the program. You will also be paid while at the university and therefore, you will be responsible to pay the tuition.

What are the required qualifications for an apprenticeship or co-op?
Every position has different requirements and qualifications. You can review both within the descriptions of the specific co-op and apprenticeship programs. We are looking for individuals, who are eager, motivated, and show interest and enjoyment in the program.

What grades and classes will IKA pay particular attention to?
The classes are dependent on the individual apprenticeship or co-op. Your grades are important; however, these are not the only deciding factor. Emphasis will be placed on your personal abilities as well as your social involvement and participation.

How long is an apprenticeship at IKA?
The length of the program is mandated by the apprenticeship regulations and can vary for different professions. You will find more details in the specific apprenticeship descriptions.

Can you shorten the programs at IKA?
Our apprentices and students should have ample time in every department to experience and understand the training content as well as time to implement their acquired knowledge in the real world. Therefore, we will not shorten the programs.

How long is my probationary period as an apprentice or co-op student at IKA?
The probationary period for both programs generally is four months. Students of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Lörrach will have a probationary period of three months.

How often do I have to attend classes during my apprenticeship and where is the school?
The school and amount of classes vary by the individual apprenticeship. Please review the apprenticeship details for further information.

How many apprentices and students are at IKA?
Combining all currently enrolled regardless of semester or apprenticeship year, we usually have about 30 to 35 apprentices and students employed at any time in all programs.

Is there an opportunity to be accepted into a full time position after completing the apprenticeship/co-op?
IKA trains apprentices and students to secure a constant flow of young talent for the company. Naturally, this training is also part our social responsibility to provide an education to young individuals. Therefore, we usually accept more apprentices and students than we need for the company. The selected candidates usually sign their contracts four years before graduation. We cannot forecast the economic circumstances that far into the future and therefore, we cannot guarantee a full time position after successful completion of either program. However, we assure any graduate with proven performance and involvement in the program, a temporary position of at least three to six months. This provides time to concentrate on upcoming finals and exams before having to look for other employment opportunities.

Are there any special events at IKA during the programs?
Every year, the older apprentices organize a fall festival for the newer ones. This helps to form connections and exchange ideas. Every two years, we organize a trip for all apprentices and students (where they also have the chance for an internship) to one of our international subsidiaries in USA, China, India or Malaysia.

Are there youth or apprenticeship representatives at IKA?
Yes. The representatives are comprised in relation to the size of the company; in this case, by three members. These members are elected every two years from our apprentices.

Do apprentices have the opportunity for a stay abroad?
We offer our high performing and most motivated apprentices the opportunity to participate in an internship in one of our subsidiaries. The internship usually takes place in the second year and participants will travel in a group of two to four apprentices and students. This time offers the group valuable intercultural experiences and prepares them for working in an internationally oriented company.

Will the RegioKarte or Semesterticket be paid by IKA?
IKA contributes €30,- every month to all apprentices and students for travel to the university or vocational school, regardless if you use your own car or the ÖPNV.

Who is the point of contact in terms of apprenticeship or coop?
Your main point of contact is Mrs. Jutta Klepp. She is also the in charge of the Industrial Clerk apprentices and Co-op programs. Mr. Marc Burgert is responsible for all technical apprenticeships. In addition, there is a point of contact in every department for our apprentices.

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