Broad spectrum of opportunities

Are you driven by innovative solutions? Or do you enjoy working in an International Company? We have a broad spectrum of opportunities: Exciting internships and training places for students or training programs for graduates are available.

Why not apply, no matter where you come from?

IKA is international. You will find an IKA device in virtually every industrial and research laboratory. Our innovative products for the laboratory and process technology sectors are marketed in more than 150 countries. We employ more than 900 people from 22 nations.

If you deal on a global basis, you will also develop globally. No matter where you come from, apply to us - and enjoy training that is better and more comprehensive than in any other country in the world.

Curious now? Then take a look.

There are many exciting opportunities at IKA to develop your potential. Come along on the journey and get to know the stories of young international personalities.

Abdul Nad Ali – Skilled worker for equipment assembly laboratory & analytical technology

Abdul Nad Ali is from Afghanistan and had to flee to Germany with his family because of the war. In search of a new perspective, he came to IKA and initially completed a six-week internship. During this time, he worked in various departments, learned about different activities, and got to appreciate IKA as an employer. He brought in a lot of curiosity and skill, so that he quickly became an integral part of our team. Our ambition is that not only our products, but also our employees, get the chance to develop at the highest level. Therefore, we are very pleased that we were able to offer Abdul a traineeship as an industrial mechanic in September 2017, which he successfully completed in 2021. The three-week internship abroad, which IKA makes possible for all trainees, was a highlight during this time. Abdul went to the USA. But that's not the only thing Abdul likes to talk about. His colleagues at IKA became a second family to him, with whom he not only spends the working day, but also celebrates parties together. In the meantime, the Afghan-born Abdul is working permanently in the laboratory and analytical technology production area as a skilled worker in equipment assembly.

Tasha Oberländer – Intern commercial sector

Tasha Oberländer joined IKA as an intern in 2021. The Australian-born was positively surprised by the fact that we at IKA molded her internship entirely according to her interests. During her time with us, Tasha gained insights into various departments such as Human Resources, Inside Sales and Technical Documentation. She was particularly fascinated by the wide range of applications for IKA's products. Scientists use them in almost every laboratory in the world, and leading companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries use them to stir, mix, and concentrate many of their products that make our daily lives more sustainable, easier, or more pleasant. For Tasha, who herself has a very international background, the internationality at IKA is adding a lot of value. During her internship, she experienced first-hand the international exchange of her colleagues not only with customers, but also with IKA locations in Thailand, the USA or Malaysia. The time and experience she gained with us laid the base for Tasha's further career steps. In the future, she would like to complete a dual study program in International Business.

Hermès Fehr – Temporary assistant for equipment assembly laboratory and analytical technology

Hermès Fehr decided to move from Uganda to Germany in the summer of 2021 to study. At IKA, he found a job as a production assistant for the time until he could start his studies. In the process, he learned many important skills for his future career, from time management to self-organization. With his friendly nature, he quickly won the hearts of his team and entertained everyone with his observations about the things that make IKA special. One of his favorite stories is the delivery of the organic eggs or apple juice from the owner family's farm. These are available to employees free of charge and are just one of the examples of IKA's special corporate culture. In the meantime, Hermès has started his studies in International Business, even though saying goodbye to his colleagues was not an easy task, because they have become like a second family to him during his time at IKA.

Christina Tzatzo – Employee pipette production

In September 2020, Christina Tzatzo moved from Greece to Germany to be closer to her family. After learning German in record time, she began her journey at IKA in April 2021. Christina took her first steps with us in pipette manufacturing. A department in which our employees, with their sensitivity and precise performance, ensure that modern laboratories can work fault-free and safely. Here Christina demonstrated her curiosity and ambition right from the start. Her diligence as well as her prior knowledge also make Christina a perfect candidate for a dual study program in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Electrical Engineering. We are happy that we are able to offer her this further training from October 2022 and that we will thus also take her next career step together. What she appreciates most about IKA is the togetherness, the mutual support and the trust that was placed in her from the very beginning. But Christina and her colleagues also have a lot of fun. For example, they came up with a suitable name for their robot, that helps them check the pipettes. Since he is so often alone at home overnight and on weekends, his name is of course – Kevin.

Anna Kamwine – Trainee HR

Anna Kamwine comes from Uganda and visited IKA in spring 2022 as part of an initial one-month internship. She remembers her first day at work very clearly: due to the warm and welcoming culture, she felt immediately at ease and by the end of the day no longer had the impression of being the newcomer. During her time at our headquarters, she accompanied the Human Resources team and gained insights into their multifaceted field of activity. Among other things, she conducted job interviews together with our regional HR departments in Poland or Brazil, worked with colleagues in recruiting, and learned what is important when posting a job offering. In addition, Anna gained insights into production and was able to assemble IKA's famous blue lab technology herself. She is packing a lot of valuable experience into her suitcase, which will not only enrich her personally, but also be helpful for her team in Uganda.
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