We’re a family-run company with an international outlook

Our employees benefit from working for an outward-looking international company with subsidiaries all over the world, but they also appreciate the advantages and values of our family business. We have been family-owned and managed for over 100 years.

As such, we offer a pleasant, friendly and caring atmosphere with social values, opportunities for personal and professional development, an excellent work-life balance and above-average pay and other rewards. Employees also benefit from our excellent reputation as a world market leader and innovator, and our high level of investment in research and development. Thanks to the global nature of our operations, our staff interacts with some of the world’s biggest companies on a daily basis.

Our claims: Our business is built on innovation.

IKA has always been at the forefront of innovation when it’s about the future. It has been like this ever since we started out over 100 years ago. Up to this date we are the global market leader and pioneer in many product areas. Our laboratory, analysis and process technology earned us the reputation as biggest innovative power in the business.

Our global network of developers and designers enables us to offer the widest range of products in the industry, and to maintain our leadership in terms of developing new products and improving existing ones. We strive to ensure that our products represent the very best in technology and design.

Our skills: Commitment creates success.

IKA is the market-leading provider of laboratory, analysis and process technology. We have factories and other sites all over the world, and one of the best dealer networks in the business, ensuring that our customers receive the best and most flexible service and support worldwide. Our customers trust on consistent approach, know-how and reliability of our business.

We employ some 300 members of staff at our head office in Staufen, and over 800 worldwide. Both divisions of our business – laboratory and analysis technology and process technology – enjoy an excellent reputation across the world for product quality, functionality, technology and design. Our commitment to continued innovation and product development is reflected in regular patent registrations, honors such as the coveted iF Product Design Award (which we won in 2009), the red dot Design Award, just as different quality certification that underline our ambition for excellence.

Our vision: Guide families with a vision.

We are determined to continue building on our strengths as a family-run company. A lot of things changed since we started out as a small-scale supplier to pharmacists and hospitals over 100 years ago. Just one thing remains: We are still family-owned after all this time. And intend to retain this status in the future.

It ensures our independence as a business and enables us to safeguard the long-term success of our international operations. Owner and Managing Director René Stiegelmann is impelling the internationalization same time as the strengthening of headquarter in Staufen. Also the next generation will make every effort to ensure that our headquarters Staufen remains right at the heart of our worldwide expansion. In Staufen, we are investing heavily in innovative new technologies and in customer service. With an international reach and many new products we embark on our second hundred years as an international business.

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