We take Social Commitment for granted

We don’t look the other way when we see people in need. We actively look for ways of helping those less fortunate than ourse lves, whether they’re right outside our front door or on the other side of the world.

We believe we can most effectively help others by focusing on our talents: finding solutions, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset being proactive. After all, there’s no point being successful if you don’t share your prosperity.

Hands for Children

HANDS for children

In the global community, no man is an island.

Our HANDS for Children initiative supports disadvantaged children all over the world. As an international company, we believe we have a duty to make our strengths and experience available to the worldwide community. Our retired employees make laboratory equipment by volunteering their time, we sell this in the normal way, and all and all profits are used to help children in need.

As part of this initiative, we have supported Vision 2020, a project operated by the Christoffel-Blindenmission providing urgently needed equipment and operating rooms for blind people in Peru. In Ethiopia, we’ve supported the charity Menschen für Menschen, set up by actor Karlheinz Böhm. Our funds have helped to build schools, reducing illiteracy and offering children a brighter future.

It is a great recognition for us that this initiative as well as our social project „I Know I cAn“ have been honored with the SME award for social responsibility.



With the IKA KIDSCAMP, we give our employees’ children aged 12 to 16 an opportunity to get to know the children of colleagues at our other subsidiaries around the world. For the children, this means delving deep into other cultures, discovering the delights of the local and regional cuisine, and a chance to visit fascinating historic sites. A particular highlight in the USA is “Turtle Island”, where the children learn how to cope with living without smartphones & co. with only the most basic necessities of life.

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