Our outward-looking ethos is causing our corporate culture

We may be a family business, but we operate in a global marketplace. The company was founded in 1910, supplying pharmacists and hospitals in Cologne; it was moved to Staufen in 1942, where we quickly became the world market leader in laboratory technology and dispersing, stirring and kneading machines. We set up our first production site in the United States in the 1980s, and currently we employ over 800 people at eight production sites and sales offices on four continents.

Most of our research and development is conducted in Staufen, but we also have subsidiaries in the United States, China, Malaysia, Japan, India, Brazil, Korea, England, Vietnam and Poland. We are the global market leader by far in most of the sectors in which we operate, and our customers include some of the world’s largest companies such as; BASF, Bayer and Procter & Gamble.

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