Our employees are carrying us forward

That’s why our staff is our first priority. Who finds its’ way to IKA, notices a strong emphasis on teamwork, and an open, friendly and informal relationship right away. As a family business, we cherish and encourage this special atmosphere. It is a basic of our success.
Respectful treatment and rewards are reflecting the appreciation, we show our employees. We make decisions on the assumption that if something is good for our employees, it’s also good for our business.

The foundation of our business are shared values

We believe it’s important that our employees identify with our values. This is essential if we are to promote an open and friendly corporate culture and ultimately safeguard our success as a business. We’re proud that over 800 employees worldwide share and respect our values and that we are all working together to achieve the same goals.

The personal approach

Because we believe in openness and informality, we are committed to flat hierarchies, short reporting lines and a company-wide open-door policy.

Looking after the family

We closely monitor the number of employees at each site so that we are able to foster employee relations. Employees know their colleges and we encourage staff to interact professionally and personally with their colleagues both locally and in other countries. We have a large number of our employees who have been with us for a long time, because they know they can count on us for support. Whether they experience personal problems or are affected by natural disasters such as those in China and Japan, At IKA, we are all part of the same family.


Our employees are the main reason for our success, because their hard work allows us to remain competitive. We reward above-average performance with above-average pay and benefits, including comprehensive conditions and offers. Furthermore we award a wide range of additional incentives that are not based solely on quantifiable performance criteria. We promote career development at every level of the organization, and offer excellent training opportunities and job prospects.


IKA has been family-owned ever since the company was founded over 100 years ago. We intend to stay that way. The next generation is already preparing to manage the company’s future in Staufen and around the world.


We have always placed a strong emphasis on Innovation. We are constantly improving our existing products and launching new ones. That is also why we are building on our excellent worldwide reputation.

International outlook

Over 800 people work at our six production sites and sales offices on three continents, and all of them share IKA’s values. We encourage them to interact personally and professionally with their counterparts in other subsidiaries, and provide overseas training placements for our youngest employees. 

Recognition motivates.

We reward above-average performance with above-average remuneration. That is how we encourage that staff are motivated and committed to making the business a success. But it isn’t just about providing attractive pay and other benefits. It goes without saying that if people perform well, they should be paid well. We offer a host of other incentives. Such as a program providing vacations in China and the United States for particularly hardworking staff at all levels of the organization, and the IKA summer camp, also in the US, for all employees’ children. We also express our appreciation in the form of an annual profit-sharing bonus if the company’s finances permit.

We have many other ways of giving people the recognition they deserve. We offer subsidized lunches. And our social fund helps staff affected financially by death, illness or injury in the family. We give monetary gifts and additional vacation days to staff who get married, have children or celebrate their anniversary with the company, and hold farewell parties for those who retire. We do all this because we know that our global success ultimately depends on their commitment.

Life is not just work.

We believe very strongly that staff should enjoy a good work-life balance. Not at least because this is good for their health and makes them more likely to stay with us. So we operate a very attractive flexitime system. This means family-friendly shifts and days off in lieu, and encourage employees to enjoy their leisure time – whether that means spending time with the family, pursuing a hobby or engaging in voluntary activities.

We encourage our staff to stay healthy and fit by supporting organized fitness activities and have fun participating together.

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