Rheology - the study of the flow of matter – is a scientific field that encompasses the flow behavior as well as the flow properties of flowable substances. Rheology is of great importance wherever substances are manufactured or processed as these partly combine the elastic properties of solids and the viscous properties of liquids. The type of processing (e.g., stirring, pumping, mixing) and the temperature control of the substances influences their flow behavior and properties. Consequently, the viscosity of a substance is often not a constant value. It depends on the shear. Therefore, viscosity values of the same substance will be different at different shear rates.

IKA rotary viscometers ROTAVISC measure viscosity based on the SEARLE principle. A measuring spindle rotates in the sample. In consideration of the used spindle, the determination of the viscosity additionally requires a certain torque to achieve a specific speed. All calculations happen automatically, no further manual settings are necessary.

Best results with this devices:

  Measuring stirrers

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