Dispersing is the mixing of at least two substances that: don't dissolve in each other, hardly dissolve in each other, or don't chemically react with each other. During a dispersing process one substance (dispersing phase) is distributed throughout another substance (continuous phase).

The goal of most dispersing processes is the production of an emulsion or a suspension. Both are mixtures that deal with a liquid continuous phase. The dispersing phase of an emulsion is also liquid. During production of a suspension, solid particles must be smoothly distributed in a liquid.

Dispersing with an ULTRA TURRAX is based on the rotor-stator principle. Here, the rotor is moved with a high circumferential speed. The rotation produces suction, which pulls the medium into the rotor and then pushes it to the outside with help from the stator's teeth. This process results in the sample's dispersion.

Dispersing with an ULTRA TURRAX leads to the intensive, momentary crushing of liquid droplets and solid particles of preferably small sizes. The long-time stability of the dispersions is achieved by using suitable emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Best results with this devices:

  Dispersers Homogenizer

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