Software Updates

Software updated to 0.0.027 / 0.0.028: New "Rapid Alternating Polarity" control mode and IOS APP Update

New "Rapid Alternating Polarity" control mode - This mode enables the user to decrease the polarity switching range, formerly limited to 1 second, to between 5 to 999 milliseconds for a frequency range from 100 Hz to 0.5 Hz.
Constant current and constant voltage experiments can be chosen in this mode. The actual voltage/current (depending on selected operating modes) displayed will be the absolute value of the measured value.

ElectraSyn 2.0 App for iOS Users (Android is coming soon)
> Enables users to perform cyclic voltammetry simulations and data fitting
> Users can now save cyclic voltammetry data
> Enables user to perform data subtraction on saved data
> Updated for new device control modes
> Displays when Rapid Alternating Polarity is enabled