IKA myPlate

/// The magnetic stirrer with an individual set-up plate

IKA myPlate combines the excellent technical features of the popular and proven IKA magnetic stirrers colour squid and big squid with the option of creative individualization.

Personal interchangeable frame
Design the set-up plate of the IKA myPlate by yourself. You receive the device with a decorative image template, that can be exchanged easily through the convenient interchangeable frame.
Some people have family photos on their desk – you convert one of the best magnetic stirrers from your day-to-day lab work into a canvas for your favorite pictures.
  1. Upload your favorite picture
  2. Adjust the size
  3. Convert to PDF
  4. Print on pre-punched templates (part of delivery)
  5. Individualize your magnetic stirrer

Note: Your image won’t be saved and is only used until it is printed.


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