IT Administrator


1) Cooperate with Headquarter IT to implement IT projects when necessary;
2) Computer system and IT equipment maintenance, including local area network maintenance, all servers maintenance and all pcs/external equipment maintenance;
3) Fourth Shift system maintenance;
4) Take responisibility of data security, including internet accessing security, server folders/files accessing security, anti-virus software maintenance, server room accessing control;
5) IT technical support for all users;
6) Data maintenance, including server data backup/recovery;
7) Video conference system maintenance;
8) Telephone system maintenance;
9) Other temporary tasks assigned by IT Manager or management when necessary.
1) Bachelor degree in Computer Science;
2) Good command of English (both writing and speaking);
3) Be able to incorporate into new things;
4) Familiar with a.Administration with the operating system MS-Windows 7/XP/Windows Server 2003/2008 b.Network technology c.Active Directory d.MS-Exchange e.MS-Office 2010 f.Data backup software g. Anti-virus software h. SQL server i. vSphere j. WSUS server
5)Initiative and team spirit.