Corporate Industrial Engineer (project management)



  1. Qualifications
  1. Bachelor or above degree, major in industrial engineering or engineering management related.
  2. At least two years’ work experience in IE area, like technical support to new product development, management of engineering change.
  3. Good command of MS Office, AutoCAD and ERP system.  Have knowledge of BOM with experience in management of Bill of Material.
  4. Good command of English.
  5. Good skill in communication and coordination;
  6. Initiative, independent, orderly, patient, earnest and motivated is preferable.
  7. To be eager to learn new things.
  1. Job targets
  1. Responsible for management, handling and coordination of ECN (tracking and implementation);
  2. IE technical support to new product development in M3 & M4.  Responsible for coordination of M5 pilot run of new product;
  3. Other temporary tasks assigned by Superior or Management