Preparation is everything.

Here’s how the application procedure works. If you know what to expect once you’ve applied, you’ll be well prepared at each stage of the process and able to convince us that you’re the right candidate for the job.

When we receive your written application, we’ll send you an acknowledgement. After the closing date, we’ll consider all the applications and produce a shortlist of suitable candidates. If you’re one of the chosen few, and depending on your career background and the level of the job for which you’re applying, you’ll undergo a recruitment test and a telephone and/or personal interview. The Human Resources department and the department to which you’re applying will then choose from the suitable candidates. If you get past all these hurdles, we’ll welcome you at IKA!

If you apply speculatively, we’ll check whether there’s an appropriate job for you. If so, we’ll get back to you. If not, we’ll keep your application for future reference. When a job does become vacant, we’ll invite you to take a recruitment test and a telephone and/or personal interview, and then the process will continue, as described above. Here again, if you pass all the tests, we’ll welcome you at IKA!