Educational programs

IKA is the market leader in the industry making us the ideal partner for the start of a successful career.

As a longtime family-owned medium-sized business, IKA offers the best opportunities to enable young individuals to have a successful start to their careers. We operate globally and still consider ourselves attached to our homeland.

We constantly exchange ideas and information with our global subsidiaries on a daily basis. Innovative and groundbreaking products are directly developed by our staff.

As a market leader in laboratory, analytical and process equipment, IKA is known for the high degree of quality and innovation of our products. Creative ideas and the collaboration with our young employees are important factors to secure our continued success in the future. IKA offers our young employees the best opportunities to further develop professionally and personally.

A vocational training program that lays the groundwork for your success in the real world
An educational program that provides hands-on experience as the foundation for a career
An education at IKA is something special. Find out what we offer our apprentices and students
Further perspectives
In addition to the apprenticeships and co-op possibilities, we offer interested and committed individuals other appealing entry-level opportunities
Our apprentices, students and young employees report their about their personal experiences.